About Us...

Machined Ceramics, Inc. has over 17 years of experience in the production of precision machined ceramics. Industrial ceramics are used for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, communications, aerospace, medical and automotive applications. Machined Ceramics employees work to create a prototype according to there customer�s specifications. They also can do production runs of the parts, once they are approved for use. 

Fortune 500 companies, Research Universities, Aerospace facilities, and National Laboratories contract with Machined Ceramics to have parts designed and produced. The company Is certified by the US Department of Defense and falls under the Federal Government category of a small woman-owned company. Machined Ceramics supports many local associations, University and Church Events.

Features & Applications of Industrial Ceramics

Industrial Ceramics have excellent physical properties, high dielectric strength, electrical and corrosion resistance. They can be non-porous and non-shrinking.  Applications for use are thermal, electrical and corrosion exposure, structural, wear, and semi-conductor components.

View our equipment/materials in action....
- Ultrasonic ceramic drilling
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- Grinding ceramics
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- Turning ceramics
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- Ceramics can bounce!
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- Ceramic springs!
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